"As you dive into his lavish scenery of sound, you feel at immediately welcomed and at home. Fans of Olafur Arnalds, Brambles, Sebastian Plano, Patrick Jonsson and Jon Hopkins will connect with cinematic passages that span the soundscapes of painted strings, nostalgic chords, and electronic beats. As I write this, the track “Through The Trees” plays for the fifth time through my speakers, and at this point, I feel like I have always heard and known and loved this piece."
Headphone Commute

"There is a buoyancy and optimism to these songs that is rare in the genre with a grand sweep and an irresistibly infectious energy that builds when Moore reaches a gallop on the drums, piano, and strings all at the same time."
Stationary Travels

"It is always a pleasant surprise to come across a new name and almost from the very first notes fall in love with their music… No tracks let the set down and the overall album is one which revels in consistency."
Drifting Almost Falling

"Neoclassical atmosphere with a pinch of poetry… Moods from euphoria to loss, longing and hope… The album "Komorebi" stands out in a big way from what other albums lack a little: the tangible soul of the composer."
Gezeitenstrom Musikmagazin

"Extremely organic and rich in dynamic components… aspects of chamber romanticism and ambience."
Music Won’t Save You

"Impressive new classical music steeped in his love of post-punk and alternative pop."
The Moderns