I asked these guys to give me some insight into why they were interested in the Reworks project, what inspired them and what they hope the listener might think and feel about their creative input.......

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From All Who Came Before by DOMINIK SALTEVSKI

Dominik, originates from Offenburg, Germany. He learnt the cello aged 9 and by 12 was playing drums. You can often feel the influence of classical music in his productions, but also percussion, noticeable through driving kicks and rich bass lines. Dominik is influenced by techno and by 17 was producing his own bootlegs, tracks and remixes. Dominik achieved success with his collaboration 'Cirice', together with Niereich and Shadym, which reached number 5 in the Hard Techno charts.

"It was always a dream for me to rework an ambient track. Ambient is, for me, more than just music, it's art. It’s a powerful way to express myself, in both a visual and auditory way. Almost a year ago I first heard 'From All Who Came Before' by BPMoore and the track changed my mood immediately. I really wanted to work with it and Ben happily agreed for me to do this rework . This track made me feel better in a hard time and helped me to open myself more to everything.


Inspiration came from a change of my mood to being more and more positive. I started the remix with an 'okay-ish' mood, but as time passed by I became more aware of my better feelings and reflected about everything whilst producing.


I hope the listeners will feel refreshed and hopeful when listening to this track. Everyone will feel something different and this is exactly what the track should trigger in every soul."

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Galvanised by HARALD HAUSER

HARALD HAUSER is a performing pianist and composer from Austria. His culture can be called STORYTELLING POP PIANO. This music is all about catchy melodies, relaxing harmonies and grooves you'd typically find in pop music. His album 'Walls & Bridges' is released November 2020 on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This relaxing and exciting instrumental music is mostly created on the piano and transcends the stylistic boundaries of ambient, jazz and pop. Its primary features are distinctive catchy tunes that can dig into the convolutions of the brain, harmonies that invite you to relax and earthy grooves that are borrowed from pop music.

Harald says “Ben and I ‘met’ via Instagram. I don’t know exactly how but I think it’s fair to say that we discovered each other and fell in love with each other’s music right from the start. His debut album “Komorebi” really stands out to me as a fascinating mixture of uplifting ambient music that blends acoustic with electronic elements in a very soothing and organic way. When Ben asked me to do a rework of one of his songs I was really excited. It was my very first online collaboration with a British artist whose music I like quite a bit and after our first phone call this somehow surreal online messaging became a real collaboration with a lovely chap.


Whenever I do such kind of rework I first try to use as much of the original material as possible. The initial idea came while playing around with the audio files I got from Ben. The lovely sonic and melodic quality was already imprinted so it mainly was a matter of finding the right musical expression that also suits my writing style. The rhythm on the original version of Galvanised is quite sophisticated and I knew early on that I wanted to find something more straightforward to better carve out what to me is the essence of this song. As soon as I solved this puzzle, I immediately had the idea for two new piano parts on top of the arrangement that gave the song a new direction and flow.


I really hope to give the Listener comfort, to caress their ears and fill their hearts with lightness.”


Ouroboros by ILYIA

Ilyia is a songwriter, composer and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her new project, under the name of Ilyia, is centred around acoustic guitar. The music is characterised by layers of guitar lines, finger-picking, and winding contemplative melodies.

She says “I have been a fan of BPMoore’s album, ‘Komorebi’ since it's release!  Ben and I have become acquainted through our label, Rhodium.  He reached out to me about reworking one of the songs from his debut album. I was of course thrilled and honoured! 


I was already very familiar with the song ‘Ouroboros’ and it took a bit of time to decide how I wanted to approach the rework.  I enjoyed it so much as it was that I found I didn’t like any melodic additions - added melodies, I felt, took away from what was already perfect, in my opinion. So my inspiration was quite simply the existing melodies and chords.  I deconstructed the piano chords and played them on guitar.  At times the voicing on guitar with more traditional chords didn’t sound like the piano part so I used several different tunings and in some sections played single notes on a separate track and stacked them together to get the same type of sound with guitar strings.


I hope when listeners hear this rework they can still hear the beauty of the original chords and melodies, while finding the difference of the guitar strings enjoyable and interesting!”

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Through The Trees by ANNA YARBROUGH

Anna Yarbrough is a musician, songwriter, composer, and record label owner based in New York City. Anna specialises in piano and keys-based session work and spends a large portion of her time in the studio recording for clients, collaborators, and herself. Her debut album, “DIVIDED”— was a modern-classical piano work. She went on to release three singles through a New York based label, the most recent as part of their third solo piano compilation “Recollections Vol. 3”. Recently Anna released another album project entitled “Softer Sessions”—a collection of solo piano works specifically written for synchronisation purposes.


Negentropy by DREXLER

Drexler is Adrian Leung. He’s a London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer originally from Sydney, Australia. With a background in classical music, coupled with a passion for contemporary sounds, Drexler crafts his music in a modern cinematic style that is raw, earnest and textured. His music combines modern-classical, ambient, folk, and indie elements, as well as nodding to his Asian heritage. July 2020 saw the release of his debut album ‘Handles’, a work born out of the composer’s desire to create a body of work that represented him as an artist. The record has received airplay from JJJ, KEXP, Scala Radio, Soho Radio and NeoFm. Additionally, he has curated playlists for the BBC and Contemplative Classical.

I've gotten to know Ben through Rhodium, our awesome record label. We've never had the chance to meet in person but have had lots of phone/video chats. I'd never done a remix before so I jumped at the opportunity when Ben invited me to take part. 


I'm actually releasing my own remix album later this month and got to watch Ruckspin, a fantastic producer, remix one of my tracks. I really liked his process of listening to the stems and seeing what inspiration came from there. It was quite instinctive and non-calculated. I also liked Ruckspin's process of chopping up samples, reversing them and shifting the rhythms around. I knew I wanted to add electronic elements because it's not something I'd done a lot of and wanted to take the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. I think the original track was already really beautiful with the textural strings, the subtle ambiences and the gorgeous piano melody, so it was just a matter of keeping those qualities and taking it in a slightly different direction.


My Rework? There's a sense of purpose, joy and release in this track. I think the word negentropy refers to order being restored so that's an interesting underlying theme. A little head bopping and foot tapping wouldn't go astray either!”

Nadav CohenB&W.jpg


Melbourne-raised musician Nadav Cohen scored his first feature film before graduating from high school. Having developed foundations in both guitar and piano prior to learning broader production skills, Nadav has contributed to many films since both in sound design and music.

Following his inception in soundtrack composition, Nadav has found recent challenge, enjoyment and success in the creative process for many films and television shows across the globe. Nadav frequently works closely with directors and producers, motivated to ultimately enhance and enrich narratives. Nadav’s fundamental enthusiasm to continue composing for projects allows him to broaden his musical horizons. 


Komorebi by GLOWWORM

Glowworm is the music of Kevin Scott Davis, a classically trained composer, ambient producer, and former member of the band PacificUV. Davis’ music has been featured extensively in national media, including HBO’s show Californication and on the radio program This American Life. Glowworm's first album, entitled The Coachlight Woods, received international acclaim upon release, and also featured on some of Spotify’s largest editorial playlists, earning it over 30 million streams and establishing the album as a cult classic. Now based in Georgia, USA, Davis is working on a second full length Glowworm album.

He says… “I’m a big fan of Ben’s work. He’s a fantastic guy and he asked me if I would like to do a rework. The original track, “Komorebi,” of course - which had a special place for me the first time I heard it because I’d had the word “Komorebi” written down to use for a song title for a while, but Ben beat me to it! This allowed me to feel some attachment to the meaning (when sunlight shines through trees) prior to starting work on it, which worked out great."